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Outdoor Tiles for Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Tiles for Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Summer’s here, at last.

Sunny days and holidays are upon us and outside is the place to be…time to unwind and bask in the sun, relax by the pool, or enjoy a fabulous braai with people making you love life.

And if you’re not off to some exotic vacation spot, why not create perfect holiday bliss right at your own address? We’re picking up a trend where homeowners are transforming all kinds of exterior spaces into enhanced functioning areas and enjoy spending the festive time at home. Windows are replaced with sliding or folding glass doors and tiles are no longer just a means to cover afloor, they embody elements of nature, inviting the great outdoors to walk right in.

Which Tiles Are Best for Outdoors  

Choosing the best tiles for outdoor areas comes down to more than just taste. Common types of tiles that all look beautiful outdoors include quarry, travertine, slate, limestone stoneware, granite, ceramic and porcelain of which porcelain tiles are the most popular.

Ceramic Tile VS Porcelain Tile – Which Is Better?

Porcelain and ceramic may seem different from the other, but porcelain is just another form of ceramic. Also manufactured from a clay mix but fired at higher temperatures to make it more durable than ceramic.

Ceramic tiles are ideal for light outdoor usage and covered patios or areas that are not exposed to severe weather changes.

Porcelain tiles on the other hand are more versatile. They’re denser than ceramic and resilient to scratching, frost and UV rays that make them perfect for outdoor use…and marvellously fuss-free to clean.

They are non-flammable, won’t burn, melt, smoke or smell and are ideal around areas like grills, fire pits and fireplaces. Another magnificent feature of porcelain tiles is that they are very amenable to the installation of underfloor heating to turn a cold floor deliciously warm in winter.

This beautiful natural mood board reflects the contemporary trends of the year ahead.

Are Porcelain Tiles Slippery?

No, not if you choose the slip-resistant finish. When glazed, they’re non-porous, waterproof and stain-resistant that make them an excellent choice for all wet spaces like kitchens, laundries, bathrooms and patios. They are also most suitable to use in gardens and around the swimming pool area. Porcelain outdoor tiles are more textured than indoor tiles to create a slip-resistant surface with traction for patio furniture, pets, and people.

Since porcelain tiles are durable and wearable, they are also highly recommended for commercial spaces with extensive footfall and strong to bear large and heavyweight furniture. They don’t require high maintenance either and can last well between 20 to 50 years and beyond. Ifa porcelain floor is laid right the first time, you can walk on it for a lifetime.

The Magic Look of Nature Captured in Porcelain

Revolutionised Ink jet printing in tile factories can mimic the authentic look and textured feel of characterful wood planks, the natural curves of stone and enigmatic concrete.

Patio tiles that look like wood, without the high maintenance that wood needs, bring colour, warmth, and durability to any living space.

Stone as building material, has passed the test of time for aeons and the appeal of this foreverlook is beautifully captured in the sturdy quality of hardwearing and slip-resistant porcelain tiles.

With the character of concrete imprinted on large format porcelain tiles, they've become a subtle luxurious trend on floors and walls, both indoors and outside in domestic as well as commercial spaces.

Porcelain tiles may be more expensive but essentially a set it and forget it wall and floor solution for any space.

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles or slabs are manufactured in 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 120cm and 120 x 120 cm sizes. With minimal seam lines when installed, they create a powerful visual impact and a simple boundless beauty. These tiles continue to be a firm favourite of designers,homeowners, and contractors alike.

The technology applied in their manufacturing creates a versatile format to compliment any design as well as the quality to endure application both in- and outdoors. Thinner and lighter porcelain tiles are perfectly suitable to be installed as cladding on walls, replacing granite or marble on countertops, or laid on furniture surfaces where fewer grout joints are needed.

Large format tiles are a fantastic option to complement from an industrial-style room to a small bathroom.

In this foyer,the clever layout of the floor tiles, subtly leads the eye towards the reception area in the centre of the room. The tall plants and tiles on the walls pick up this visual flow to redirect it skywards. It is the effective positioning of all horizontal tiles, that creates a stunning contrast and focus on the reception desk with a visual invitation of the two lounges flanking the reception.

What is The Best Outdoor Tile for Patios?

Patios are the one area where homeowners can easily increase the value of their properties.

But when you choose what tiles are best for outdoor use, consider the following:


  • How much light the area gets, that you wish to tile
    If it gets a lot of sun, a very light-coloured tile might reflect harsh sun rays on your eyes while a darker tile creates a cooler ambience. Although darker tiles may be hotter underfoot in summer, they visually stimulate a cool effect. In Areas with permanent shade however, dark tiles may appear gloomy or cold while lighter tiles could brighten up the area.
  • The current style and colour of your house
    Although it’s a personal choice, a tile style that doesn’t harmonise with the design of your home may affect your property value. It’s always sensible to work around a relatively cohesive palette regardless of the style or character of your house.

    Don’t let the colour of your painted exterior hold you back, it’s an easy fix with the stroke of a brush. Ifa tile colour captivates your attention but clashes wildly with the colour on your walls, you could either repaint the walls or install tiles on it.
  • The type of weather where you live
    Does your environment receive a lot of rain, do you experience extreme heat or cold? Always look for an outdoor tile that can hold up to your specific weather conditions and if you’re not sure, consult with the professionals at Tiletopia.
  • The volume of traffic on this tiled area
    If it’s a space with a lot of foot traffic, entertaining and games, choose a tile that’s hard-wearing, slip-free, and safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Combined in-and outdoor living
    If you’re building a new home or plan major renovations, installing tiles at the same level in-and outside, creates a seamless link with the illusion of spaciousness.

Using The Same Tiles To Connect Indoors and Outdoors

The two most important points to consider when choosing tiles for both spaces are water absorption and grip. As an alternative to installing the same porcelain patio tile, two different finishes could be considered, with the more textural finish applied outside to maximise the grip and slip-resistant aspect. Some tiles are available in specific indoor-outdoor ranges for this reason.

Living Rooms

In this quietly elegant living room, large format porcelain tiles of 60 x 120 cmin a blended dark grey hue compliment the generous view outside.

Even in urban areas, indoor-outdoor living of elevated homes can fully enjoy a transitional connection while still affording privacy. 


Welcome to the new backyard in the sky. This underutilised little balcony was transformed into a new room with large format outdoor tiles, glass partitioning, luxurious weatherproof furniture, potted plants, and lanterns.The connected in and outdoor floor creates an effortlessly visual flow spilling through the glass into the living embrace of nature.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Mix cooking, a cold one and great company for delectable summer fun. The selection of non-porous porcelain tiles from this kitchen to the garden, are not only slip-resistant and wear-resistant but also beautiful and generous.  

This minimalistic kitchen is a no-fuss area with a monochromatic color scheme, but nature is perfectly at home with trees and pebbles surrounded by the stone look wall tiles.


The outdoor version of the same large format tiles on the bedroom floor,is used as oversized stepping stones leading to the private garden. 

A stunning example of the enigmatic nature of concrete captured in this slip-resistant porcelain tiles with a polished look that never fades.


A bathroom in the sky is cleverly grounded on slip-resistant earth tone porcelain tiles.

The clean-lined space plays off subtle juxtapositions like light versus dark, shiny versus matt and linear versus curved. These details work harmoniously with the liberal scale of the bathroom and complemented by the huge window to create a calm and relaxed sophistication.

From sunrise till sunset, the tub in this elegant bathroom is flanked by stunning greenery and natural light. Despite it being a small room, the large tiles on all surfaces create both a generosity in size and a visually cocooned ambience of sheer luxury.

Beautiful Tiled Green Spaces

The Outdoor Shower

If you don’t have a swimming pool, a tiled outdoor shower can become a stunning garden and water feature and very practical for a post pool or jacuzzi rinse, a visit to the beach or a sensational cooldown after a healthy sweaty summer run.  

A rustic but elegant addition to the homestead combining studded wooden wall with a view on the garden and large format porcelain tiles in grey.

The Swimming Pool

One of the best elements to complement and add value to a home, is a swimming pool.Creating a lifetime of memories, a pool gives endless entertainment, relaxation,beauty, and peace.

Edging and copings are the perfect addition to any tile project and is used as both aesthetical and practical finishing of edges for patio tiles and pool surrounds.Bullnoses and copings can also be used as a highlight to an entryway, steps or any other application requiring a finished edge. With colours and designs to compliment any style, these Kwela tiles can blend in or contrast like the white copings on the dark outdoor tiles around the pool, as well as the step edges on the stairs.

Whether you’re tiling in or outside,never skimp on the prep work…and the job is not done until the edges are covered. Exposed tile edges are subject to damage and for any type of tilework to look classy and professionally rounded off, the finishing tile is literally what will make or break it.

You are most welcome to visit our stylish showroom just off the N2 at the Gants Centre in Strand and experience the excellent Tiletopia service from our superbly trained and inspirational consultants.

Share your dreams and ideas and we will have the perfect tile for you.

Enjoy your summer!